When Should Children Start a Savings Account?
There is some controversy concerning whether or not children should save money. And, if they should, when should children start a savings account? The answer will be different for each family, but these tips might help you decide when, and if, starting a savings account for your child is right.† more

Reasons Every Family Should Have an Emergency Fund
Long ago, men could expect to work at a job long enough to retire and be given a gold watch for their years of service. They knew that if they started working at a company, they would most likely be working there the rest of their life. Times have changed, however. Job security is a thing of the past. That is one of the reasons every family should have an emergency fund.† more

Tips for Choosing the Right Savings Account
The reasons for saving are as varied as the types of accounts you will find at financial institutions. People set aside money for emergencies or for future major purchases. Others save for a childís education or retirement. Knowing the reason for having a savings account will help you choose the type you need, along with these tips for choosing the right savings account.† more

Money Market Interest Rates
From the amount of debt Americans have today, itís obvious that people like to spend money. Whatís better than spending money however is saving money. Unfortunately, most people donít save, and if they do, they donít understand about savings account interest rates.† more

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