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Option Trading Strategies Newsletter will help you maximize your return on investment and minimize your risk. It provides education on trading stock options, index options and commodity options. This newsletter can be helpful for beginners through experienced option traders.

 Every newsletter will contain analysis of the current market environment and the option strategies that are best suited for that environment. Options can be very profitable in bull markets, bear markets and trading range markets.

 Each issue will contain a variety of topics such as:

 Option Strategies

  • Directional Strategies - put options, call options, bull call spread, bear put spread
  • Income Strategies - credit spreads, butterflies, condors, diagonals, calendars
  • Spread Strategies - bull call spread, bear put spread, bull put spread, bear call spread
  • Volatility Strategies - straddle, strangle, strip, strap and guts
  • Leveraged Strategies - call ratio backspread, put ratio backspread, ratio call spread, ratio put spread

 Stock and Option Combination Strategies

  • Combination Strategies - covered calls, married puts, collars, synthetics

 Advanced Topics

  • Position Management - rolling option positions, creating new positions from existing positions
  • Portfolio Management - hedging techniques

 General Option Trading Information

  • Option pricing - Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho
  • Volatility - implied and historical
  • Terminology - itm (in-the-money), otm(out-of-the-money) and atm (at-the-money), intrinsic value, expiration dates, exercise
  • Online option trading - how to enter orders, choose option brokers, etc

So, if you want to supercharge your options trading, this is a newsletter for you.


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