Book Review: It's Never Too Late to Get Rich: The Nine Secrets to Building a Nest Egg at Any Age

†Description: This book includes nine strategies that will help you to achieve financial freedom for your future. It includes solid ideas on investing money, buying different types of insurance and even on paying your taxes. No matter what your financial situation is this book will help you make money and build a financial future.

Review: Ok I know you think this book is probably just another get rich scheme. It's not that at all. It's just plain simple advice on how you can build your nest egg using 9 down-to-earth strategies that everyone already knows but don't put to use, for numerous reasons.

Being almost fifty and living from paycheck to paycheck most of my life I was resigned to the fact that I would never have a financial future.† I saw myself working until the day I die.† This book has showed me that there is a light at the end of my tunnel.

Itís very easy to understand these nine ideas.† When I first read them I thought, "Hey I already know that." and "Why didnít I ever think about trying that idea?"† I read a bit further and turned my thinking to "What have I got to lose at my age?"† So why not put these things in motion and see what happens?"† Right off the bat I felt better about my financial future.

The pay yourself first strategy was my favorite when I first read this book.† I liked the idea of being able to take care of myself without feeling like I was taking away from something else.† I also was bad about giving money out to other people.† This book showed me how not to be the local bank so to speak.

The part on investing helped me tremendously.† I didnít know anything about investing except that when I did I lost out.† With the advice in this book I donít have that why should I feeling about investing anymore.

It also helped me with some of my insurance questions.† Trying to understand disability and life insurance just sent me over the edge.† I knew I needed life insurance but what kind of life insurance would work was beyond me.† With the book I was able to feel good about my insurance purchases and how they could help my financial future.†

There is so much information in this book but even with that much, it is so easy to follow.† That was another thing about money that I had problems with.† I was always overwhelmed and felt like people were talking over my head.† Today Iím headed for a financial future that I feel comfortable with. I no longer feel like I have no future except work, work and more work.† No matter how old you are or where you are at in your financial state I suggest you read this book.† It will make a difference.†

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