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401k Overview
401k plans are offered by a large majority of employers to help their employees save for retirement. However, there is much to learn about the 401k – details and explanations that will help someone decide whether a 401k is right for them or not.  more

Roth IRAs, 401k, and 403b – Which one is Right for Me?
The task of planning for retirement can seem confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. You can learn about the different options. But you’re probably wondering - Roth IRAs, 401k, and 403b – Which one is right for me? The following overview of each might help you make that decision. more

Review - It’s Never To Late To Get Rich: The Nine Secrets to Building a Nest Egg at Any Age
Description:  This book includes nine strategies that will help you to achieve financial freedom for your future.  It includes solid ideas on investing money, buying different types of insurance and even on paying your taxes.  No matter what your financial situation is this book will help you make money and build a financial future.  more

IRA’s, 401k's and Other Retirement Plans: Taking Your Money Out Book Review
Description:  This book is a resource guide on IRA and 401k plans.  It explains all the advantages and disadvantages to both types of plans and what you can expect if you have to take your money out of them.  more

Advantages and Disadvantages to 401k Plans
The 401k plan, or “defined contribution plan,” is so called because the amount of contribution is measurable; the amount you receive upon retirement is not measurable.  There are advantages and disadvantages to 401k plans. Choosing to invest in this type of plan is entirely up to you. You might want advice of a qualified certified public accountant (CPA) or financial counselor.  more



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