Increase Your Home Value

When you purchase a home, it is an investment.† You may continue to live in it for many years, but if you leave the area you will more than likely sell the property.† Here are five ways that you can increase your home value to get a better price when selling.

1.† Renovate.† You probably havenít thought about your countertops or cabinetry in several years.† Cabinet re-facing offers a way for home owners to redecorate their kitchen for less money.† The new look changes the entire dynamic of the kitchen.† Hardwood floors are more appealing to buyers than linoleum.† A more efficient heating and cooling system saves on energy bills all year round.† Gas logs are more popular than a traditional fireplace and eliminate the messy clean-up of firewood.† See what you can do to upgrade without spending more money than you can afford.

2.† Replace the windows.† If you have an old house, the windows are probably single pane.† Triple-pained windows are more energy efficient and look better.† Windows that offer the convenience of panes that fold in are easy to clean even on the second floor.†

3.† Add on to your home.† Any addition that increases the square footage of living space will increase your home value.† This could be as simple as converting a garage into a bedroom or an office.† People who work from home would like the idea of a complete home office.† A sunroom where the back patio used to be will allow buyers to enjoy the outdoors even on a cold day.

4.† Put up a fence.† Fenced-in yards provide privacy for the owners.† If they have pets, the animals can run around in the back yard without you worrying about them getting loose and bothering the neighbors.† A fenced yard is a must if you have a pool or are thinking about installing one.† No one wants a neighborhood child to accidentally gain access to their pool.

5.† Landscape the yard.† The one thing that makes one yard different from another is the landscaping.† I ride through my neighborhood during the spring to see the newest things everyone has done with their yard.† Some add water features.† Still others create a water break at the base of a hill with a line of evergreen pines.† The look of a yard is a big selling point.† It can add to the value of a home for the buyer.† They will see that haven of peace you have created in the back yard, complete with gazebo and walkway, and want the house immediately.† The thing is that most people want these things themselves but lack the money or the skills to get it done.†

A real estate agent can suggest more ideas to improve your home value.† Be careful not to change everything.† Some things are okay as they are or will just be changed again by the buyer.

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