Money Management Tips for Parents

The importance of money becomes obvious when we have kids.† We could have squeaked by living paycheck to paycheck when it was just ourselves, but now that there are others to think about we have to start saving our pennies.† Here are some money management tips for single and two parent households.

Use generic brands as often as you can.†† The generic brands of a lot of foods are the same thing as the name brands, but bought wholesale from a distributor.† If kids donít like generic cereal, ease them into it.† Nine times out of ten, it is the name brand that they are hung up on.† Pour the cereal out of the package and into a container.† They probably wonít be able to tell the difference.†

The dollar store sells many name brand and generic varieties of common toiletries:† soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, and household cleaners.† To save money, shop here for frequently used items before visiting the grocery store.† Then, when you do shop at the grocery store, use coupons for name brand items or take the opportunity to try the generic version.

Clean your clothing at home.† Some of us are addicted to professional cleaning.† Dry cleaning can be expensiveómore expensive than it needs to be.† The grocery store sells Dryelģ dryer sheets.† Dryelģ is formulated to dry clean clothing in a home dryer much the same way as a dry cleaner cleans clothing.† You can dry clean four to six pieces of clothing per sheet and it is cheaper than using a dry cleaning service.

Purchase a used car.† We all want a new car, donít we?† The truth is cars depreciate as soon as they leave the dealerís lot.† Purchasing an inspected used car from a reputable dealer saves money on car payments.† Check to see that the car has a good service record and that it has not been damaged in any way before you agree to buy.†

Buy clothing in unexpected places.† Famous named stores are not the only place to shop.† Thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, and consignment shops all sell good quality clothing.† You can even find name brand items here, too.† You will have to take the time and search through racks and racks of clothing, but it will be worth it to find clothing for yourself and your family at a fraction of the cost of regular department and specialty stores.

Deduct money for savings directly from your paycheck.† We all mean to put a little something away each pay period but we can be forgetful.† If you have direct deposit, make provision for a certain amount of money to be automatically sent to your savings account as soon as you get paid.† This can still be the arrangement if you have to deposit your paycheck every two weeks.† Set up a transfer with the bank to move that money to the savings account each time you deposit your paycheck.

There are no easy ways to save money.† It takes effort and focus.† We donít always want to take the time to manage our money wisely, but our kids are worth it.†

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