†Coupon Clip - A Timeless Money Saving Technique

The price of groceries has gone up.† With the price of gas rising, the price of everything is bound to inflate in the near future.† As far as that food bill goes, one way to save some dough is to use a coupon or two on your next visit to the store.

Most people donít understand the value of a coupon.† When I was growing up, my mom used coupons all the time.† A lot of other people didnít, so I thought we used them because we didnít have big bags of money.† I was wrong about that.† Coupons are meant to save us money and those who use them are wise.

If youíve never did a coupon clip before, the best way to start is by purchasing the Sunday paper.† Most Sunday newspapers contain sales circulars and coupons.† Create a shopping list of the things you need.† Now, look for coupons that match the items you need.

Coupons can save you anywhere from twenty-five cents to a dollar or more on the stuff you buy every day.† Occasionally you will have coupons that let you get a free item when you buy something else.† For example, you can get a gallon of milk free if you buy two dozen eggs.† These are helpful when you need both milk and eggs.

Coupons work the best in combination with other savings.† Use a fifty cent coupon at a grocery store that doubles coupons.† Doubling or tripling of coupons is listed in the storeís sales paper so you will know when to shop for the best bargains.† More free groceries are coming your way when you use a coupon in conjunction with a "buy one, get one free" advertisement.

Many stores have their own discount cards to save shoppers more money on each food bill.† Weekly, money-saving deals on bread, cheese, meat, and other staples make certain stores more popular than others.† This is the best time to use coupons.† There are no restrictions on using coupons to enhance the already low deals provided by the store.

Some stores have bins where people put the coupons that they donít need so others can use them.† You could find a coupon for that new air freshener or that new yogurt you wanted to try.† Coupons are great for purchasing things that you want to trial but wouldnít think of paying full price for.† If you use your coupon on a doubling day, you will save even more.

Coupons are not just in newspapers.† Many online sites offer members the opportunity to download and print coupons for their favorite items.† Many coupons can be downloaded weekly and used at any store that accepts manufacturerís coupons.

Clipping coupons really does save you money on your grocery bill.† Use them to stock up on things you normally use and to try out new products.† Donít throw your savings away in the trash each week. All you have to do is a coupon clip.

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