Buy Food in Bulk - Save Money

Does it always seem like you are running out of this and that and making more than one trip to the grocery store? It can be frustrating, not to mention expensive, to stay in this cycle. The solution may be to buy food in bulk on those needed items.

Buying in bulk has become a popular thing to do. Stockpiling goods saves money in the long run. The most savings come from bulk buying of the items that we use the most.

For example, we will always need toilet paper. When it goes on sale, we usually buy one or maybe two packs of it. But if the price is good, why not buy as many as you can afford and store them in a clean dry place. Do the same with paper towels, trash bags, laundry detergent, and light bulbs.

The same thing can be done with perishable food items. Canned goods are always a good bet. They keep for a long time and are good for throwing together a casserole or some dip for the big game.

Most people worry about vegetables and fruit going bad if they buy them in large quantities. I am the queen of spoiled fresh food. I have good intentions of eating the apples and peppers and such during the week, but I never get around to it. When I do decide to use those fresh veggies, they are no longer as tasty looking as they were when I bought them. I guess it was the fuzz.

However, frozen vegetables and fruits are just as good as the fresh variety. In fact, frozen vegetables are usually flash frozen at the point of harvest. The process seals in the vitamins and minerals. When we steam them, we release that freshness and they taste as good as they would have done if wed just picked them out of the garden. As long as you have a freezer, you can buy and keep those vegetables.

If you can buy food in bulk, it will save you a lot of money. Most stores have an aisle or two devoted to bulk items. Check them out to see who has the best prices. Combine your bulk buying power with coupons to save more money. In fact, buying when items are on sale is the best way to stock up, even if it is not an item sold in bulk. You can buy enough for it to be considered bulk and store it for when you need it.

When stocking up on much needed items, dont forget the store brand. Some people turn their nose up at generic brands as being an inferior product. Actually, just like cars, many of these items roll out of trucks from the same food supplier. The difference is the name on the box.

To lower your grocery bill, learn to buy food in bulk during sales and when you have a coupon to save money. Stick to those items that you use frequently.

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