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Coupon Clip - A Timeless Technique to Saving Money
The price of groceries has gone up.† With the price of gas rising, the price of everything is bound to inflate in the near future.† As far as that food bill goes, one way to save some dough is to use a coupon or two on your next visit to the store.†more

Buy Food In Bulk - Save Money
Does it always seem like you are running out of this and that and making more than one trip to the grocery store? It can be frustrating, not to mention expensive, to stay in this cycle. The solution may be to stock up on those needed items.†more

Cheap and Easy Meals
Everyone wants to save money, but few want to spend weeks eating nothing but beans and rice. You can cut your grocery bill without cutting your variety. One of the quickest way to cut your spending is by cutting out the meat. It's amazing how many meat free meals you can find that your whole family can enjoy. Here are some suggestions: †more

Five Ways to Live Frugally
Frugal living does not have to be about a life of depravation.† The frugal life is one of thrifty shopping, careful choices, and a saving mindset.† Making just a few adjustments in five areas of your normal life will help you become a frugal person.† more

Seven Tips to Save on Your Grocery Bill
No matter how many people there may be in your family, your grocery bill can be one of the most expensive items you have to pay for. But with a little planning and some creativity, there are at least seven ways you can cut your spending at the grocery store. more

Seven Ways Teenagers Make Money
Child labor laws regulate what jobs teens can hold and at what age.† Teens that are too young to get a job are between a rock and a hard place when they need more money than their weekly allowance offers.† Here are seven ways that teenagers can make some extra green, whether they are just under working age or right in the middle of it.† more

Frugal Spending Tips
We all could use some help when it comes to saving money.† That odd trip to the store for a sweater that results in a new wardrobe, or a trip to buy a new phone and we walk out with a phone, an answering machine, and a digital camera.† These things happen, but adopting some frugal spending tips can make saving instead of impulse spending the norm.†more

Money Management Tips for Parents
The importance of money becomes obvious when we have kids.† We could have squeaked by living paycheck to paycheck when it was just ourselves, but now that there are others to think about we have to start saving our pennies.† Here are some money management tips for single and two parent households.† more

Raising Financially Savvy Teenagers
Itís hard to teach teenagers something that they donít think they already know.† Parents are seen as ignorant of what is important to them.† Despite what they think, however, parents do know about money and the consequences of using it unwisely.† Show them what you know by teaching them a few things about money.† more

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