eBook Review - Living Within Your Means the Easy Way

Description: This is a program to teach us how to use our paycheck to pay off debt in a timely manner, save for our future and most importantly, be proud of HOW we spend our money.† Itís a simple guideline to freedom and a stress free financial life.† This is all placed in an eBook that shows the where, when, why and how of managing finances.†

Review: Living from paycheck to paycheck can be one of the most difficult things a person will ever have to do.† This program shows how you can live within your means and still be able to pay bills, pay off credit cards and save for the future.† By simply changing a few little things in the management of money, big changes can occur.†

I have always been a paycheck to paycheck person.† I knew how much money I had and how I needed to spend it.† No matter what type of budget I put myself on I was always short at the end of the week.† Not unlike most working adults.† This eBook showed me how to make that a thing of the past.

First it helped me to identify the root of the problem which was where exactly my money was going.† It went beyond just the bills too, by taking into consideration interest, payroll deductions, tax deductions and other types of hidden things.

With this very easy to read and understand eBook I have learned to put myself on a budget that I can actually stick with.† I get my bills paid on time and still have enough money at the end of the paycheck.† No more worries about buying that gallon of milk we need on Wednesday.

This book is very to the point.† It shows how you can pay off those credit card debts quickly.† No messing around about it.† Not only can you do that but also itís possible to pay off old debts you thought you would never get paid.†††

An added benefit of this program is that not only can you pay off debt, pay bills on time and have money at the end of your paycheck but also start saving for your future.† That was an added bonus for me.† I never thought I would be able to feel secure about my future before.† A nickle sure wasnít enough to put in a savings and that seemed to be about all there was.† Now I can save money and watch it build for my future.†

I would suggest anyone whether brand new to the game or an old pro at least read this book.† You're sure to walk away with at least one helpful thing to help relieve the financial pressure.† Itís all right there in words that even a financial dummy like myself can understand.† Read it. Youíll be as glad you did as I am.†

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