Book Review:††Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money: Overcoming Financial Dysfunction

This is a book that doesn't make it's readers crunch numbers or tell them where they should invest money in order to have any saved for the future. Instead, it helps readers figure out why they do what they do with money and how to change any dysfunctions into financial freedom.

I am the type of person who believes I know my finances and where the money is going. Looks great on paper. Then all of the sudden it comes time to see where I'm at. Surprise! Something in my planning failed and I can't pay off my credit card for the month. These types of things are the reason people have a difficult time sticking to their original budget.

This book can help with that. It's all common sense. One small deviation from your orginal plan can easily throw all your financial goals down the drain. I know Iíve struggled with these types of problems my entire adult life and I really have nothing to show for all those years of hard work because of it.

When I found this book I was becoming very concerned with my financial picture.† No matter what I did I just couldnít get it together and I couldnít figure out why.† This easy to read, well written book brought to light my short comings.

The information in this book takes simple facts and shows readers how to make smart investments, save on taxes and save money.† It does it with real facts about real issues that real people, like you and me deal with.† Readers will find out that everyone has a financial personality.† Not only will it help to figure out what that personality is, but it's very eye opening to the truths about money habits.†

Readers will learn down to earth facts, including common mistakes that many make when it comes to making money.† Those looking for real life, honest, no fluff advice about how they deal with their finances and how to improve should read this book.† Youíll be pleased with the strategies and suggestions included.† Common sense is the name of this game and if you're willing to let go and be totally honest with yourself and how you deal with your money, it will work!

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