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How To Make a Weekly Family Budget
Budgeting takes a concerted effort. The first time that you put one together it will take a few hours to account for everything, but that is just the learning curve. Once you have the system set up, it is easier to make any changes down the line. more

Basic Steps for Building a Budget
A great way to start living a frugal life is to plan for it. And when it comes to finances, the most important plan is a budget. Setting up a budget is possible no matter what you income, how you get paid, or what your current financial situation. Developing a budget is the first (and most crucial step) to becoming frugal. Here are some great tips on how to do it: more

Use Budget Categories to Spend Less and Save More
No one likes budgets.  They’d rather have a root canal.  But a budget does help us to spend less and save more.  One way to customize your budget to fit your needs it to create categories for the different expenses that you have. Categories keep expenses organized. more

Review - Living Within Your Means the Easy Way
Description: This is a program to teach us how to use our paycheck to pay off debt in a timely manner, save for our future and most importantly, be proud of HOW we spend our money. It's a simple guideline to freedom and a stress free financial life. This is all placed in an eBook that shows the where, when, why and how of managing finances.  more

Review - Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck Audio Course
Description: This is an 8 CD collection and workbook that shows you how to stop living from paycheck to paycheck. It is filled with ideas and tips on how to make your money work for you to build up your financial outlook. The workbook contains steps, resources and examples to guide you.  more

Review - Why Smart People Do Stupid Things With Money: Overcoming Financial Dysfunction
Description:  This is a book that doesn’t make it's readers crunch numbers or tell them where they should invest money in order to have any saved for the future.  Instead, it helps readers figure out why they do what they do with money and how to change any dysfunctions into financial freedom.  more

Discipline Yourself to Spend Less
No one wants to go into debt.  We try to avoid it if we can, but we fall into the traps of credit cards and delayed payment specials so easily.  Curbing our spending requires discipline and an honest effort.  more 



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